Nutrigenomic Testing & Consultation

What is Nutrigenomics?
Nutrigenomics is the study of individualized genetics and nutrition to identify areas of metabolic weaknesses. The goal of addressing these weaknesses is to identify, regain, and maintain metabolic functionality and improve overall health.

Who should get a nutrigenomics test?
Studies show that more than 75% of all patients have significant weakness in the most important nutritional metabolic pathways. These weaknesses can lead to symptoms such as fatigue, mood or sleep problems, weight gain, low sex drive, anxiety, and depression. NGx testing provides individualized genetic information, takes the “guesswork” out of metabolic pathways and offers suggestions on pharmaceutical grade supplements to maximize functionality of these critical pathways.

How is Nutrigenomic testing performed?
NGx testing involves a simple, non-invasive cheek swab which is sent to the lab for analysis.
What are the benefits of nutrigenomic testing? Based on your individual DNA test, our consultant pharmacists will be able to provide nutritional and lifestyle recommendations to overcome your genetic weakness, lab recommendations to your healthcare provider to give you more insight into your health, as well as nutritional supplements that you can use to optimize your health.

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