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About MedsPLUS-3

MedsPLUS Consulting is a healthcare consulting firm whose mission is to provide personalized, comprehensive health and wellness services as well as education and clinical expertise to patients, caregivers, and other healthcare professionals. We provide a suite of services which aim to improve health outcomes, empower and educate patients, and improve access to care. Our team of licensed, experienced consultant pharmacists have over 35 combined years of experience in pharmaceutical counseling, disease education, and improving patients’ health outcomes. Our pharmacists are also trained and uniquely experienced in assisting healthcare providers transition from fee-for-service care, volume-based to patient- centered, quality, value-based care.

“There’s no question that pharmacists can play an active role in deprescribing and collaborate efficiently with their patients’ physicians to reduce their risk of medication harm.” – American Society of Consultant Pharmacist

“Beyond the dispensing of medications, pharmacists also provide a spectrum of prevention services to help improve health outcomes.” – Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

“Adding a clinical pharmacists to the primary care team lightens the provider’s workload, improves care quality, and helps ensure patients take their medications safely and effectively.” – Improving Primary Care

“Pharmacists may be the key to improving quality and access of primary care and chronic disease management in the United States.” – Sachin H. Jain, MD

“Pharmacists recognized for their role in improved patient outcomes.” – American Pharmacists Association

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