About MedsPLUS Consulting

Bridging The Gap in Healthcare

Dr Pauline K Long and Dr Jennifer S Campbell, with over 40 years combined pharmacy experience, founded MedsPLUS Consulting in 2018. Our team of independent consultant pharmacists and staff are experienced and uniquely positioned to manage various aspects of the patient healthcare experience. From engaging and educating patients on chronic conditions to improve health outcomes and quality of life to providing logistics and planning services for any scale health and wellness-based initiative, we have a comprehensive, custom solution to fit the needs of patients, caregivers, healthcare providers, as well as civic and private organizations. MedsPLUS had a critical role in the COVID-19 response of Jefferson County. MedsPLUS was able to quickly organize, mobilize, and deploy resources to assist in educating, testing, and vaccinating the most vulnerable residents of the city of Birmingham and Jefferson County.

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“There’s no question that pharmacists can play an active role in deprescribing and collaborate efficiently with their patients’ physicians to reduce their risk of medication harm.” – American Society of Consultant Pharmacist

“Beyond the dispensing of medications, pharmacists also provide a spectrum of prevention services to help improve health outcomes.” – Centers for Disease Control and Prevention


“Adding a clinical pharmacists to the primary care team lightens the provider’s workload, improves care quality, and helps ensure patients take their medications safely and effectively.” – Improving Primary Care

“Pharmacists may be the key to improving quality and access of primary care and chronic disease management in the United States.” – Sachin H. Jain, MD


“Pharmacists recognized for their role in improved patient outcomes.” – American Pharmacists Association