Medication Therapy Management

What is medication therapy management (MTM)?
Medication therapy management is a range of services typically provided by pharmacists that aims to optimize outcomes and assist patients in receiving the most benefit from their medications.

Who should have an MTM consultation?
Any patient who has several chronic diseases (diabetes, COPD, high blood pressure, etc) and takes many medications to manage their health. Also, any patient who would like to be empowered to be an active participant in their health care.

What does an MTM consultation include?
Our consultant pharmacists will focus on your entire medication regimen with a concentration on optimizing therapeutic effectiveness, preventing adverse drug reactions, and achieving favorable outcomes.

What are the benefits of an MTM consultation?
Studies show that MTM consultations contribute to the safe and effective use of medications primarily by:

  1. Decreasing medication related adverse events
  2. Reducing overall healthcare costs
  3. Improving patient care and outcomes
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